This group of codes includes errors about data communication

U0001 CAN bus drive No communication

U0002 CAN bus drive No communication

U0009 CAN bus drive System in single-line operation

U0010 Faulty CAN bus comfort

U0011 CAN bus comfort No communication

U0018 CAN bus comfort System in single-line operation

U0028 CAN bus hybrid control unit

U0037 Internal CAN bus (master / slave)

U0038 Internal CAN bus (master / slave)




U0055 Multiple instrument CAN bus defective

U0056 Multiple instrument CAN bus No communication

U0063 Multiple instrument CAN bus System in single-line operation

U0064 Bad CAN data bus

U0065 CAN audio data bus No communication

U0072 CAN audio data bus System in single-line operation

U0100 engine control unit No communication

U0101 Communication with change command No communication

U0104 Communication with Cruise c. distance adjustment No communication

U0106 Incandescent time control unit

U0111 Battery management unit No communication

U0115 Slave motor management unit

U0121 Communication with ABS / ESP No communication

U0126 Communication with steering wheel sensor No communication

U0128 Communication with parking brake No communication

U0146 Communication with gateways No communication

U0151 Communication with airbag control unit No communication

U0155 comm. with strum. combined No communication

U0164 Communication with air conditioning control unit No communication

U0301 engine control unit Incompatible software

U0302 Communication with change command. Incompatible software

U0305 Communication with Cruise c. distance adjustment Software incompatible

U0307 Incandescent time control unit

U0315 Communication with ABS / ESP Incompatible software

U0323 Multiple instrument Incompatible software

U0401 not plausible signal engine control unit

U0402 Communication with non-plausible signal change command

U0405 Communication with Cruise c. of non-plausible signal distance adjustment

U0407 Incandescent time control unit

U0412 ​​Non-plausible signal battery management unit

U0415 Communication with ABS / ESP not plausible signal

U0417 Communication with non-plausible signal parking brake

U0423 Multiple signal instrument not plausible

U0424 Non-plausible signal air conditioner

U0433 Communication with Cruise c. of non-plausible signal distance adjustment

U0442 Slave motor management unit

U10A8 CAN bus multiple instrument

U10A9 CAN bus chassis

U10AA CAN bus indication / command

U10AB CAN bus multiple instrument

U10AC CAN Bus chassis

U10AD BUS CAN indication / command

U10AE Bus CAN chassis

U10AF Bus CAN indication / command

U10BC Encoding not possible

U10DA Invalid code

U100E Multi Tool Circumference rotates out of tolerance

U101F engine control unit

U102A Internal CAN bus (master / slave)

U102B Internal CAN bus (master / slave)

U103B Air conditioning compressor

U103C Air conditioner compressor

U140A Terminal 30

U1007 Battery management unit Read the error memory!

U1008 CAN bus (diagnosis interface)

U1009 CAN bus (diagnosis interface)

U1013 Uncoded electronic control unit

U1014 Electronic control unit Incorrect coding

U1018 Multiple instrument Air temperature ext. n. plausible

U1019 Multiple instrument Engine oil temperature n.plausible

U1027 Speed sensor

U1052 Alternator

U1053 Alternator

U1090 CAN bus chassis sensors

U1091 CAN bus chassis sensors

U1094 Clutch pedal switch 2

U1121 Data bus No message

U1122 Data bus Invalid message

U1123 Data bus Signal reception

U1200 data bus

U1201 Data bus

U1405 Terminal 15

U1407 Terminal 30